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Tips for using Web Registration:

  • (Move to Login page) A login ID is required for Web Registration. Click here If you have not signed up for MyDelta.
  • Refer to the help screens.
  • Scroll to the far right to select the term.
  • Scroll to page bottom to submit your entries.
  • Click on "menu" option at the top and bottom of the page instead of the "back" icon when navigating through the options. If "Data Missing" appears, click on "Reload" at the top of the page.
  • Upon completing the registration process, click on "menu" to confirm your classes on "My Class Schedule".
  • Check your address for accuracy.
  • Click on the link above for Payment Deadlines .
  • Check for any Course Notes by clicking on the 'View Course Notes' link, on the registration pages.
  • To register for a course that requires a prerequisite in the same semester:
    • Complete and submit registration for the prerequisite course, then
    • Complete and submit registration for the next course in a separate registration.
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